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Collection: Busby Quint 2019 NICU Tees

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The Busby Quintuplet Girls were born at 28 weeks weighing 2lbs to 2lbs 6oz. Their stay in the NICU was full of so many ups and downs. Even on the days where nothing 'scary' happened in the NICU, days of having your child strive to make it through a day were extremely hard. The quints stayed in the NICU for up to 3 months and came home in waves.
As the quintuplets are now 5years old, we look back and see how grateful we are for the wonderful care the Doctors and Nursed provided to our girls in the NICU. For that, the NICU is very dear to our hearts and we look to give back however we can. 
This Collection of t-shirts was specificailly designed by each quint. They each drew on a piece of paper what they wanted to go on their shirt then Mommy digitized the drawing and made the shirts come to life. Every design is special in its own way and it shows each of their personalities.
We are so proud of our quintuplets. To see them being born before life was supposed to be, to now see them 5 years later design a t-shirt, it brings tears to our eyes knowing God has always been in control and we praise Him daily for the life he has blessed us with. 
Thank you. 
~The Busby Family~

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